+ I have a special event/vacation coming up. When should I book my appointment?

Book 24-48 hours before, if possible. We’ll customize the color as dark or as light as you need based on your preferences and your event or special occasion. We  will also teach you how to extend the life of the color with some easy to follow after-care tips to make sure you get the most out of your tan!

+ I would like to book another session but I still have color leftover from my last session. Does that matter?

YES. Scrub ALL color off from previous spray tans or sunless tanners for best results. Take a hot shower or bath and massage damp skin with a heavy oil (like coconut oil or baby oil) to remove excess color. Towel dry afterwards for those stubborn areas. It works like a charm! Depending on how much color is left, more than one shower/bath may be necessary to completely remove all remnants of the leftover color.

(PLEASE NOTE: If you use coconut oil the day of your bronzing session, please add the PREP Package to your service.)

+ Does RAW offer packages or memberships?

YES! You asked for it, and we listened. So RAW now offers both monthly memberships & packages! See our PRICING page for details!

+ What are the ingredients of your bronzing solutions?

100% organic, all-natural, FDA approved, alcohol, paraben, and odor free, aloe based solution. See our INGREDIENTS page for more info!

+ How will my skin react to the formulas?

If you suffer from sensitive skin, just let us know. We’ll discuss your particular concerns and will happily find a solution that works for you. No, our solution will not cause break outs or clog pores. However, every skin type and situation is different. If you’re concerned about spraying the face, no worries! Just let us know and we’ll be happy to spray the body only.

+ I’ve had a reaction to a spray tan/sunless tanner in the past. Will I have the same reaction with a RAW tan?

Even the most sensitive types and those that have suffered from reactions from other spray tans or sunless tanning products have NOT reacted to our solution. Part of the reason is the purity of our product (fragrance-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, etc), and the other part is we recommend a complimentary patch test. If for any reason you’ve reacted to other sunless products/services, just give us a call!

+ Why is the Prep Solution good for me to add before my bronzing session?

Most importantly, it will balance the skin’s ph. It will go to work to rid the skin of daily body oils, perfumes and hidden dry skin, resulting in a perfect tan (trust us, it REALLY works!). Plus, it only takes a couple minutes and can be added last-minute to your service, just let us know!

+ Is spray tanning at RAW safe for pregnant women?

Yes! However, we recommend each mom-to-be consult with their physician first. If the doctor needs to see an ingredient list, just shoot us an email and we’d be happy to help. Also, we have FDA approved ventilation in every room so not only are our clients not breathing the solution, our technicians aren’t either.

+ I’m breastfeeding. Can I still get a spray tan at RAW?

Yes! Just let us know when you book your appointment or when you arrive. You are welcome to wear a bra or swimsuit top that covers any areas that you don’t want your child coming in contact with OR we can provide a damp cloth to immediately remove solution on the breasts if you need to be sprayed topless. Either way, we’ll walk you through the steps and make sure your tan is perfect. You’ll be in good hands, we promise!