PREP 101



• Arrive showered, shaved, exfoliated and free of lotion or makeup (Or just add our Prep Pkg to your service!  That will remove any residual oils and moisturizers from the body).  Always rinse with COLD water after shaving. Please note:  Our Prep Pkg does not remove build up/color from previous bronzing sessions.

• Bring dark, loose fitting clothing and flip flops to wear after the session and continue to wear loose clothing as the color develops.  Knit clothing works best.  NO JEANS, NO CLOSE-TOED SHOES, NO TIGHT TOPS/SPORTS BRAS.  It will cause uneven development!  (Would you put on socks and sneakers right after you get a pedicure?  No way!) Check out our RAW AFTER TAN // CLOTHING Pinterest board for ideas!



DO NOT GET WET or SWEAT during the tan development time. (Your development time depends on if you receive Regular Bronze (8 hrs) or Rapid Bronze (4hrs) hours to develop). If you need to work out, get a mani/pedi or a wax, etc make sure to do it before the session or the following day. 

After the development time, take a luke warm shower to rinse off the bronzer. Using a mild soap or body wash, lightly lather the body with the hands to wash off any excess bronzer. The bronzer will rinse off and the color stays. Be sure to rinse off before working out or getting dressed the next day. 

HANDS - During the development time, don’t touch the skin with fingers/palms. Even though we take care of your hands and feet during the Bronzing Session, you are responsible for maintaining them while the color is still developing.  Avoid touching areas of the skin that have recently been bronzed.  Wash palms and fingertips several times during the first several hours following the session but avoid getting the back of the hands/wrists wet.

• Avoid spray sunscreens (unless they’re organic, like Coola). They’ll strip the color completely.

• Take luke warm (or cool if you can!), quick showers to extend the life of your tan.

When you are ready for a fresh tan, spot exfoliate as needed throughout the week until the tan is completely gone. Start taking hotter, longer showers or baths.  This will help speed up the exfoliation process. We need skin that’s free of all sunless tanning products for best results. Then you’re ready for the next!


• The key to extending color is to preserve the recently bronzed, top layer of skin as long possible.  Your routine and habits determine the length of the time it will last.  

• DO NOT take long hot showers or baths.  It will fade your color extremely fast.  Instead, keep your showers luke warm and keep them to only a few minutes.  Stay away from heavy body scrubs, harsh soaps and cleansers.  Use a ph balanced mild soap or body wash.  Always pat dry. 

• Keep your facial routine as simple as possible.  The more you scrub, the more toners, cleansers, etc you use, the faster it will fade. 

• Avoid using heavy oils on the skin like coconut oil or baby oil until the color is ready to come off completely.

• The more you shave, the faster the color fades so keep shaving to a minimum.

• Avoid tight clothing the first few days when possible (especially skinny jeans and tight, strappy shoes).  Denim is a stiff material that can cause the legs to fade faster than they normally should.  Another example, tight sports bras worn daily can cause some fading along strap lines.  Always wear socks with sneakers or boots.

• Avoid conventional aerosol (spray) sunscreens.  Trust us, we’ve tried them.  They will strip you color immediately!  Stick to natural/organic lotion SPF or organic spray sunscreens like COOLA.